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Citizens' Bandwidth is available FREE by download from this site. Each PDF file is also available in a ZIP archive for faster download.

Bandwidth Magazine.

Help needed.
The support and visitor/reader numbers for the sites and magazine have been fantastic. But the magazine really needs more input from the readers if it is to continue.

The purpose of the magazine is to offer unbiased information on communications available to the general public. The initial reason for starting the magazine was the lack of magazines covering topics such as CB, PMR and FRS.

Magazines that say they cover those topics usually mean that they would allow it as content. In reality, such topics get little or no mention. This is obviously a commercial decision, and we do not expect them to cover topics that cannot justify the cost.
Plenty of people appear to complain about the lack of a magazine for their favourite topics - but we have stepped up and done something about it.

Since starting this magazine, we have seen some radio based magazines close down. These were printed magazines, who will have struggled on through very difficult times before finally accepting defeat.

We have also seen the start of a new CB magazine in Germany - On-Radio.de Magazine. Like us, they are a small dedicated team producing an electronic magazine. The differences are that they are a CB radio only magazine, in German language, and they charge a small amount to cover their costs.
We have been in contact with On-Radio to wish them luck, and hope to keep in contact in the future.

Bandwidth Issue 4.
This issue has been somewhat delayed, but has finally been made available from the downloads page. Features in this issue include news, digital radio, scam busting, beginners guide to CB radio, club list and fun pages.

Bandwidth Issue 3.
December 2009 newsletter, containing communications news from around the world. Among the news is the start of another new magazine, based in Germany and dedicated to Citizens Band radio. To read this and all the other news in the December issue, follow the download link on the left.
Issue 5 cover
Issue 5.

Issue 4 cover
Issue 4.

Issue 3 cover
Issue 3.

Issue 2 cover
Issue 2.

Issue 1 cover
"On The Air" artwork provided by mds975, all other artwork and layout by the Bandwidth team.
Looking through a magazine, it can all seem so easy to create. A few pictures, obtained from media releases, thrown together with a little text and bingo... the publisher is rich.

The truth is that it is not easy and there is no fortune being made.

Press releases may seem an easy source, but someone has to read through thousands of them to find the ones of interest. Such releases are generally biased, so research is required to sort out the facts.
Not all organisations send out press releases, it is usual to have to go looking for the latest news.

Specialist magazines also need technical content, which requires a real knowledge of the subject. Modern communications is a broad area, so it cannot all be covered by one person.

Graphic work takes up a large amount of time. Even where images do come from external sources, it may be necessary to trim, shrink, watermark and convert to the required format. Most of our graphics are our own work, often in vector format to ensure sharp graphics that will work with zoom features in PDF readers.

There is always the need for research; obtaining real figures, carrying out calculations and creating charts. Our charts and graphs are our own work, taking up hours of time to complete.

There are also many background tasks which are never noticed by readers. Keeping in contact with other organisations, financial planning, advertising, promotion, etc.

The great pile of text and images must somehow fit neatly together, so layout takes up a large amount of time. Each article starts on it's own page, which means that it must also fit neatly into whole pages. This takes some working out, including adjusting text to fit or fill a page.

If you are interested in knowing what software we use or any of the tricks we use to create anything in the magazine (or make things fit), please feel free to ask.

Bandwidth Issue 2.
The November 2009 Magazine issue is a full magazine issue with news, reports, reviews, fun page and other features. Also available for FREE download - click on the download link on the left.

Bandwidth Preview Issue.
The special preview issue of the magazine, released in December 2008, is still available for download.

Maybe you have a news story, an article which may be of interest to readers or even just want to rant about the good old days of communications. Maybe you feel that you can help in some other way.

The magazine exists for you, the reader. It can represent real people and real issues, all it needs are for those real people to speak up and give it a piece of real life.

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